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L.E.D Screen Technology

We have a full range of customised solutions that can meet your needs, we design the soluitons here in Australia and have a specialised manufacturer in china build our screens under an OEM deal, from indoor to outdoor system, whether that be a rental screen for concerts, exhibitions or event, to permanent screen solutions indoors and outdoor from shopping centres, car yard, night club, club or pub, corporate head office, we can design a solution for your needs.

We offer many differnt styles from front maintenance, rentals cabinets, slim line Magentic cabinets, curtain and mesh  soluitons. From 16mm Pixel Pitch outdoor to 1.3MM pixel pitch indoor!

We also offer multiple different systems for controlling your screen, from Wifi, Direct Computer control, 4G and video processing systems.

Most controllers in the 3G/4G systems have online servers that will allow you to control up to 100 screen, we can give you a full video processing system for live performances or simply to play video content with added in camera systems.

Talk to us today.

Contact: David Jackson 0450 685 404

               LED Screen Engineer.


Indoor Screens

10mm Pixel pitch to

1.3mm Pixel Pitch


Outdoor Screens

16mm Pixel Pitch to

3mm Pixel Pitch


Rental Cabinets

Permanent Installation Cabinets

Mesh Cabinets

Magnetic cabinets

Front Servicing Cabinets


3G/4G Controllers

Wifi Controllers

PC Controller

Video Processor systems

6mm pixel screen image
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